Silver Cords: How to combine a black dress

Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to combine a black dress

The black dresses are considered as a basic garment in any woman's closet for its versatility, a quality that allows us to use this dress in any occasion and for any style
How to combine a black dress? Here anything goes. The truth is that all proposals are successful when it comes to a black dress.

The first is a basic black dress with accessories and shoes the same pitch.
Black with black is the only combination that even when excessive, not looking for anything exaggerated ... is more, its elegance is unique.
If you need to dress for a formal evening event you want to look youthful, but without losing the elegance, bet on a black dress with accessories in the same color and always will win.

The second proposal is also very classic, the combination of black dress with red accessories.
It is a combination that lets you look like a sexy woman but without falling into vulgarity, so it is an excellent set to wear at a formal event.

A black dress can be teamed with silver accessories, animal print accessories and of course the oldest combination of all: black and white.

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  1. I love wearing my animal print kitten heels with a black dress!