Silver Cords: Learn to cook the vegetables and get the most nutrients

Friday, December 13, 2013

Learn to cook the vegetables and get the most nutrients

" What we eat or do not eat has a huge impact on our energy level , cell balance in the digestive and elimination processes, our emotional state , mental clarity , physical appearance, and so much more . We are largely what we eat , "says Bethlehem Dussaubat , educator and practicing mindful eating , specializing in live or raw vegan food ( www.chirimoyalegre.cl ) .

For her, the finding made by the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign and released at the American Institute for Research Annual Conference for Research on Cancer , makes you sense , because it shows the value of eating foods high in enzymes and care that must be taken in its preparation and consumption.
" Not the same eating a source of raw vegetables, alive, full of energy, the same source of cooked or overcooked , fried , full of sauces and chemical additives. The first nourishes us and alkaline , while the second , we probably malnourished and acidify "says the specialist.
In that sense, the university study is a scientific proof that steaming broccoli , for only three or four or even five minutes is recommended.
This is because vapor and purchase a bright green can improve its cancer-fighting compounds .
" Broccoli is an excellent source of sulforaphane , a naturally occurring plant compound that has been shown to be protective against cancer. But myrosinase enzyme needed to form sulforaphane , so if myrosinase is destroyed , sulforaphane can not be formed , "explained the doctor and researcher Elizabeth Jeffery conducting the study in Illinois.
They also investigated to expose it to microwaves, even for a minute, most of the myrosinase is also destroyed . The good thing is that indicated that if broccoli is boiled or cooked in the microwave can still produce sulforaphane , only if accompanied with other raw foods containing myrosinase .
The idea is to encourage cancer protective bioactive compounds reach the digestive system and the body can use . " Mustard, radish, arugula , wasabi and other raw cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, contain myrosinase and have seen that this can restore the formation of sulforaphane ," said the doctor.
Now, also showed that the enzyme prized broccoli and various vegetables are lost when reheating food in the microwave or in a pot.

How to eat
" Today we know that when subjected to high temperatures , foods begin to lose nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants, and some may become toxic , as certain fats and proteins. Also its enzymes are destroyed over 40-45 ° C , and the longer a food is exposed to intense heat , is more denatured "teaches Dussaubat Bethlehem .
Therefore, the view that diets high in cooked , processed or refined foods are lacking in enzymes and this results in accelerated aging of our cells, and a deterioration in physical and emotional harmony .
Instead , he explains, that raw vegetables generally would grant one alkaline diet , with positive effects on the pH of our blood. However , the feeding specialist Dussaubat adds that certain foods contain nutrients that our body can not digest properly, may require cooking. This is the case of starch in cereals and legumes , and potatoes and other tubers .
However, lists some grains such as lentils, quinoa and wheat, can be hydrated and germinated , transforming their nutritional composition and digestible turning in outbreaks , enhancing their level of digestible protein and vital energy, but without being cooked . Now, depending on how long , at what temperature and what type of cooking food to suffer , lose more or less nutrients.
" Not necessarily going to die all the food contains . Otherwise, humanity would not have survived the last few centuries , eating cooked and processed almost everything , " he says. What we are , in his opinion , are your sugars. But most of the vitamins A, C , D and B, and antioxidants appear to be the most rapidly destroyed.
Minerals are believed not disappear , but they are released to the vegetable cooking water , hence, the recommendation to drink that water and never throw it away .

Cooking times
Marcela Cosentino, Santa Maria Clinic nutritionist , and Bethlehem Dussaubat , Raw Food specialist , deliver practical recommendations to make the most of the potential energy and nutritious vegetables and legumes, where the main thing is not to use salt or baking , little water , pots uncovered , large pieces. And above all, preferring vegetables "al dente" .
Chard : raw and fruit smoothies . Cooking in two parts . The leaves of the spinach -like manner one minute . The stem or stalk , skip , filling and batter . If the leaves are left to cool , can be consumed as an ingredient in salads.
Eggplants : cooking is deemed necessary to release certain toxins own family , Solanaceae . Maximum cooking baked preferably 10 minutes.
Beetroot ( radishes ) can be eaten raw , the grating in salads, or in soups . Contain starch , it is recommended cooked over low heat. Maximum 30 minutes.
Broccoli: Steam for 4-5 minutes, or you can also cook the direct heat without water or oil or salt, for 3-4 minutes.
Spinach : raw fruits and shakes , or cook for 1 minute. Boil water in a bowl , add the spinach , uncovered, remove from heat and strain. Like chard , consume the cooking broth or use in other culinary preparations and eat up 2 days after purchase.
Potatoes: should not be refrigerated . Cold temperatures convert carbohydrates into sugar , giving the potatoes a non- sweet taste . The potatoes that are wrinkled , soft , with large outbreaks should not be consumed . Consuming cooked . Boiled without skin maximum 10 minutes after boiling water and provided they are of similar sizes . Baked are tastier and cooking time is similar.
Pumpkin (squash) : I like to cook a potato. It can be water , or baked. It is a starchy food , so try it and when you feel sweet flavor, remove from heat . Maximum 10 minutes.
Zucchini ( courgette ) : eat it raw , grate it in salads, noodles and raw vegan , raw as an ingredient in soups and sauces dressings.
Legumes: soak for 12 hours before water as pure as possible without adding salt or baking soda. Cooking should not necessarily take the pressure cookers or closed tight , although often good to shorten the cooking time and retain the nutritional properties . Salt should be added at the last moment to prevent the skins harden.
Lentils : ideally eat lentil sprouts, to leverage its high protein intake. Is activated, leave them soaking in fresh water for at least 12 hours. Then left in a colander to sprout and water 2 times a day.
Chickpeas : you can eat on or in bud. If you are going to cook, they keep you from getting flabby , and maintain some rigidity .
Beans ( kidney beans ) cook in the same way the chickpeas , avoiding losing all its rigidity.

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