Silver Cords: Sex is not the secret to a lasting relationship

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sex is not the secret to a lasting relationship

Scientists have stated that sex and good communication can have a significant influence on relationships, but factors such as knowing for sure what is the favorite pizza of the couple work to understand others and have the ability to maintain union, also matters.

According to a study recently published by Time magazine , scientists have tested 2,201 participants in seven races on the relationship that researchers have discovered as vital to promote happiness in a romantic union.
His idea was to rank them in order of vitality - so - start the construction of a database on the most important aspects of relationships and keep them healthy.
These investigators also check the status of communication, conflict resolution , other parameters also searched as: making love, keep the romance, stress management , skills to cope with life , knowledge of the couple and the self-management of the individual to determine the best predictions of existing satisfaction within the relationship.
The couples were asked to discuss their skills in these areas and how satisfied they were with their relationships . Additionally, researchers correlated the strengths and weaknesses of each partner in each area related to the satisfaction of the person within the relationship .
Reports of couples on effective communication were that determined the highest satisfaction within relationships .
Beyond Love
The study director Robert Epstein , a professor of psychology at the University of South Pacific in Fiji, said that learning more about the couple is also something important for a relationship to be sexy or soda , according to the article published by Time .
For Epstein, the most important thing was to uncover certain critical parameters, such as if couples want to have children .
Researchers have found that external factors and life skills - including work - can affect the relationship, but knowing how to communicate these issues is the key to help a relationship to last and to keep the most satisfied couples .
The manager of the Australian Network of relationships, Anita Vosper , agrees with that know the couple well and know how to make you feel special is very important to maintain the happiness and satisfaction within the relationship , and if that means knowing what is your favorite pizza, thenyou must know!
Vosper has also highlighted the importance of a respectful and open communication between the two partners , which must be free of criticism and contempt.
Add to be reflective, independent also helps to build a more satisfying and lasting relationship.

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