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Friday, December 13, 2013

Women suffer more love

The women are the ones that feel pain after a breakup loving , and according to the researchers, this is because they generate more dopamine

We have all witnessed that when a couple ends , women are less animated than men, even many missing him spend several months while they , but you can also feel bad , do not show it .
But this feeling, but could be a mere perception , is real. Women are the ones who suffer the most when they break up with her boyfriend and they owe it all to dopamine, since they produce more of this hormone than men.
Eduardo Calixto , chief of Neurology , National Institute of Psychiatry says that this behavior is because they release more this " love drug " that invades our body when we are in a relationship.
During the process we go out with someone , our brain produces dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for making the body feel relaxed and friendly , however, " the drug " decreases conform the years pass. This is when he discovers that love is unfortunately not forever.
According to researcher love can last only 4 years, the period in which our brain produces dopamine as many Thanks to the stimuli it receives from another person such as kissing and hugging.
However, when they start, arguments and fights the body stops producing it , and the levels are decreasing . This amount of dopamine, which is greater in women, explains why after a break they take longer to forget her boyfriend.
This reason also explains why a man can restart a new relationship with someone, unlike them .
But if my grandparents spent 40 years together , does that mean there is no love? Calixto said that after the body stops receiving pleasant stimuli , dopamine production is lower, and this is where oxytocin , the hormone of attachment appears .
" After living with someone for several years, our body begins to produce oxytocin, the same that is in charge of social and emotional ties, this neurotransmitter is the one responsible for our brain begins to wonder why we can spend more time together. "
However when our brain starts to produce much oxytocin, vasopressin also increases , also called " chemical monogamy ."
Researchers have observed that suppression of vasopressin can cause men to abandon their love nest and seek new partners and the relationship ends .
So what better time to love
At age 20 is when our body produces more dopamine , but this is decreasing when we turned 25. An adult , 45, produces 50 % less of the hormone that when he was young , according to the researcher .
This indicates that the best time of our life is to fall in love at age 20 , however we should not worry at all, when we stop producing dopamine , oxytocin we always keep next to the person estimates .

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